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A referral to CTS Physical Therapy is one of the best things you can do for your patients.
CTS PT utilizes the medically well-documented concepts of manual therapy to assess and treat illness, and to maintain health. More than 2,000 patients can attest to the success of the treatments.
​Manual Physical Therapy is a hands-on approach to assessment and treatment of physical conditions that affect muscles, fascia, nerves and joints.
Though always focusing on the patient’s mobility, range of motion, and overall functionality, more and more we find reasons of chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and chronic pain in other systems of the patient’s body. Human fascia leads us into organs and structures involved in transportation, delivery of oxygen and nutrients, processing or removal of toxicity. It turns out that the autonomic nervous system, immune system or GI tract, just through its dysfunctional (yet correctable) anatomy or physiology have a lot to do with the spine, thorax, or pelvic floor stiffness, immobility, or pain.
Manual Physical Therapy relies on the human body’s self-correcting mechanism which is activated by specific body tissue positioning. The result is progressive decrease of protective myofascial tensions permeating tissues of the body. The goal of Manual Physical Therapy is to reduce pain and restore movement, functionality and health.
The experience and the results are positive. Patients find the techniques soothing, therapeutic and – most of all – successful in healing and recovery.
Manual therapy, through a precise, multidimensional evaluation and manipulation by the therapist, gives the body a restored opportunity to heal itself faster. It is especially recommended for patients with chronic conditions and for those who do not respond to exercise, medication or surgery.
We’d like to help you, your patients and your practice. Please give us a call at (865) 777-2000, or drop by our office for a visit and demo.  

Self Pay Rates

If your patient would like to receive treatment from CTS Physical Therapy, but their insurance company does not cover the cost, there is an additional option.

Option 1

$110 per hour
$27.50 per 15 minute additional increment
$110.00 – 60 minutes
$137.50 – 75 minutes
$165.00 – 90 minutes


For more questions about self pay or for additional information, please call 865-777-2000.