We are a Christian-based outpatient physical therapy clinic, specializing in treating patients with chronic pain accompanied by complicated diagnoses. Almost all patients seen in our clinic have gone through years (and sometimes decades) of partly successful or unsuccessful interventions in medications, therapies and procedures. Many of our patients are initially unable to tolerate exercises as it worsens their condition. Most of our patients have previously tried PT with little or no success.

We are successful in improving functionality of our patients through 100% one-on-one manual therapy sessions. Focusing primarily on changing a patient’s body structure (realignment of soft and hard joints through eliminating lines of myofascial tension) allows us to spread PT visits to once a week or once every two weeks, while still producing measurable progress. What we do eliminates Medicare and other insurance costs of paying for a patient’s repetitious exercises a few times a week at the therapist’s presence. Instead, from the very first visit, patients are given homework and the responsibility to exercise daily at home. In this way, a patient’s time spent with a therapist can be used on truly skilled and necessary interventions. Our system of PT intervention rebuilds a patient’s body structures which are then able to automatically function better.

Our therapists are trained manual therapists who have developed skills to observe, feel, notice, interpret and understand complexities of your body systems and their functions.  Based on our findings we are able to guide your body toward self correction and healing.

Our Philosophy

We believe in God’s Creation and we trust in God’s designs. Like an automotive engineer intimately understands the inner working systems of a car or an architect knows about every hallway of a building, who could possibly know more about us than our designer and creator? Being a part of creation, and thus by design, our bodies are compatible with unaltered or minimally altered (processed) foods.

God has placed in our bodies the mechanisms for maintaining life and health, and these mechanisms are powerful enough to restore health from sickness. These mechanisms are governed by the Autonomic Nervous System with its two cooperating parts: sympathetic and parasympathetic.