Reverse Osteoporosis!

Introducing the Osteoporosis class for the first time last year, CTS saw a big positive response, so we are pleased to announce another updated version of the class held this April! Learn about what makes your bones susceptible to weakness (how and why they deteriorate) and how to strengthen them through nutrition and lifestyle. Also … More Reverse Osteoporosis!

Want More Energy?

Join us for a brief presentation by Piotr Ulmer on neuro-fascial tensions and how to eliminate these tensions to allow the body to fully recover, thus giving you more energy! Piotr will also discuss various ways you can incorporate subtle changes in lifestyle and diet to increase your daily energy. The event starts at 5:30 … More Want More Energy?

Reverse Osteoporosis

  We are excited to be adding a new class to our repertoire. ¬†Please join us for this free class to learn more about the anatomy of bone and the importance of nutrition to build strong healthy bones, how to slow & reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis, how and why bones deteriorate, and how pH balance … More Reverse Osteoporosis

August Special

CTS Physical Therapy is proud to announce this SPECIAL for any NEW patient during the month of August! Spread the word! *Call 865-777-2000 to schedule your appointment FREE 1 Hour Consultation Offer Valid August 1st-31st for first-time patients ONLY!